Thursday, May 13, 2010

La Gloria Bakery, Mexicantown, Detroit, MI

Tucked away on Bagley and 23rd Street, La Gloria Bakery is a hidden gem for authentic Mexican pastries. Although I have never personally visited the bakery, I have eaten many of their pastries. A few of my favorites are las empanadas, las orejas, and los churros. All are pastries that are loaded with butter, but I don't care once I start eating them. Las empandas are generally filled with fruit and La Gloria Bakery has empandas without homemade filling and I believe they also have some with homemade filling...not too sure, but they are good nonetheless. My next favorite are las orejas, or "the ears." One could say that this Mexican pastry is a parallel to the American pastry, elephant ears. The Mexican orejas, however, are not loaded with powder sugar or any other toppings besides cinnamon and sugar. Las orejas are also much smaller and fluffier than the American elephant ears. Los churros that are sold at La Gloria Bakery are amazing and are probably my favorite. These churros are nothing like the ones that are sold at stadiums and other generic places. These are homemade churros, and everything tastes better homemade, right? I have also heard great things about La Gloria's tres leches cake, or three milk cake, and their tamales, tortillas, and cookies.
The prices at the bakery are very reasonable, each pastry is generally under $1. The bakery itself is set up cafeteria style...the customers carry a tray around the store and pick up any and all pastries that they want.

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